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How should I replace a missing tooth?

Tooth loss can leave you feeling anxious about the future of your smile and your oral health. At our Toronto dental office, we partner with our patients to find reasonable and realistic solutions that fit well into their lifestyles by offering a wide range of tooth-replacement options.

Dental implants – dental implants are one of the most convenient and reliable long-term solutions to tooth loss. Dental implants are stable because they integrate with your bone. Dental implants do not move or shift and allow you to eat all the foods you love.

Dental bridge – A dental bridge fills the gap in your smile with an artificial tooth anchored by two healthy adjacent teeth. We create tooth-coloured bridges to match your smile’s appearance.

Dentures – Dentures are an affordable and reliable way to replace multiple missing teeth. We can create full dentures if you do not have any teeth on your upper or lower arch. Partial dentures will anchor to your remaining teeth, filling in the gaps between them.

Implant-retained dentures – Implant-retained dentures combine the stability of dental implants with the affordability of dentures. They add stability for patients who have difficulty with denture fit.

Contact us and we can help you determine the best tooth-replacement option for you.