Full, Partial and Snap On Smile Denture

We hope for Healthy Smile that last a lifetime and constant advances in dental treatment to help us a get closer to reaching that goal. But losing teeth as you age is unusual. At one point we may deal with the prospect of wearing full or partial dentures. Dentures can you give you back your los smile smile and recreate a new Awesome Smile. Better yet laugh, chew and speak without the embarassment and discomfort of missing teeth.

You may be excited about these possibilities, but you need a lot more information before you can decide whether dentures are right for you. Getting back your beautiful smile sounds like a good idea, but how will dentures affect the way your teeth feel and function? Like many people, your hesitation probably has something to do with the mistaken idea that all dentures are uncomfortable and look unnatural.

If you’re worried about living with a set of teeth that look like they belong to someone else, we’d like to put your worries to rest. Amazing advances in dental technology and materials now allow us to create dentures so natural looking that no one will suspect they’re not your own teeth.

We Create Beautiful, Natural-Looking Dentures
There are basically two types of dentures – partial and full and the new one is a Snap On Smile Denture. If just a few teeth are missing, we’ll talk about the benefits of partial dentures. When most or all of your teeth are missing, we would recommend full dentures. While a Snap on smile denture is an excellent provisional restoration for patients that are hesistant to commit to a more involved restoration but doesn’t compromise smile esthetic and better function.

Using skill and experience, Dr. Nolasco creates your new dentures to complement your skin tone, the shape of your face, and even your eye color. We want you to be fully involved in the process because it helps us understand what your goals are. Our job isn’t finished until we know you’re completely satisfied with the results.

Using our exact specifications, skilled technicians carefully place the artificial teeth one by one in an acrylic base. You may be surprised to see just how comfortable dentures can be when they’re made to your exact specifications!

Call Us to Learn More About Our Affordable Dentures
Are you interested in learning more about today’s dentures? If you’re putting off treatment because you’re worried about the look and feel of new dentures, you really owe it to yourself to give us a call. The truth is that many of our patients have had their lives transformed by attractive, comfortable full and partial dentures.

Please contact us and book your appointment at O’ Connor Dental Care 416-759-0895 to arrange a consultation so we can answer your questions and explain how beautiful, custom-made dentures can change your life and make it easy to smile again with confidence!