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We Want to See You Smile!

Don’t suffer another day of toothache or daydreaming about a perfect smile because you don’t have an insurance, We’re here to help and give solution to your dental issues! Your family’s oral health is too precious to sacrifice because of financial concerns. The cost of dental treatments are on everyone’s mind these days, and we realize that it prevents many people from seeking the important dental care they need.

As a solution, O Connor Dental Care offers an In house Dental Saving Plan to reduce the cost of your care. This plan was designed for our patients without dental insurance or cash patients that likes to save more. It is a discounted membership plan that promotes your family’s good dental health by making treatments more affordable and accessible to everyone in need of dental work. Also ideal for patients that are Senior and retirees who will loss their company’s dental benefits.

• No monthly insurance premiums
• No worries about pre-existing conditions
• No deductibles or annual maximums
• No claim forms, pre-authorizations to fill up
• No waiting period
• No hidden fees – just one annual payment
• Annual fee as low as $200 for the first person and special discount of $150.00 for additional person. Applicable for Child only age 2-13 years old. This plan is non-transferable.
• Family members cannot be substituted for other family members. Members must be stated at the time of enrollment.
• Term of the dental savings plan is 1 year from date of enrollment.
• This plan is only valid at O’Connor Dental Care. It is not an insurance plan which can be used in other dental offices.
• All treatment must be paid in full at each visit to keep the plan in effect. No exceptions. Any service not paid at time of visit will be billed according to ODA prescribed standard rates.
• Annual enrollment fees are due on the first appointment of the enrollment month, or can be scheduled to be paid automatically on renewal date.
• Plan and enrollment fee are subject to change annually without notice.
• No refunds will be issued at any time if participant does not utilize dental plan.

Going without dental treatments for any reason is never a good idea. Many people just don’t like the idea of seeing the dentist, so it’s easy to postpone treatment when cost becomes a factor.

With enrollment in the In House Saving Dental Plan, you and your family , can easily minimize the cost of future dental care by stopping problems before they become serious and costly to treat . Below Please find Cost of Plans being offered:

Saving Plan A $400
Up to 2 Annual Simple Teeth Cleanings
Up to 1 Annual Scheduled Exams
One Emergency exam
Two X-Rays included

Saving Plan B $250
One Simple Teeth Cleaning
One Annual Exam
One Emergency Exam
One Free Flouride/ Perio rinse
Two Xrays Included

There are liberal discounts and benefits that apply to all areas of dental care we provide:

10% Off All Dental Procedures
10% Off All Cosmetic Services/ Denture
$200 Off All Orthodontic Care

Contact Us to Learn More About our In house Savings Dental Plan
We offer outstanding dental care, and we want to make it accessible and affordable for everyone in our community that needs it.

Please give us a call at O’Connor Dental Care 416 759 0895 and we’ll be happy to talk to you about all the details. Since there is no waiting period, simply pay the fee, and we can start applying your discounts right away!