Kids and Teens Dentistry

Kids and Teens Dentistry
We believe in dentistry for the whole family and that includes your smallest family members. Our office begins seeing children at a young age in order to promote a healthy foundation for great dental health right from the start, and we also work with parents on techniques and education so that they have the tools to succeed when it comes to oral care for their kids.

Your Child’s First Visit
First impressions especially at a young age are lasting and as such with out patient-first focus during your child’s first visit, we will help familiarize them with our dental office so they feel completely comfortable. We will show them their teeth in the mirror, take them for a ride in the chair, and to have them brush their teeth. That way, when it is time for their dental cleanings and other regular care to start, everything is familiar.

Preventive Care for Children
All good dental health starts with developing a good oral hygiene routine that is aimed at preventive dentistry. At O’ Connor Dental Care will work with parents and Children to promote healthy teeth and gums using successful home care regimen of brushing and flossing. Eating good diet that includes avoiding sugary treats is also encouraged. Additonal preventive treatments such as flouride and sealants can be applied to help keep children’s teeth in excellent condition.

Dental Sealants for Children
When Children are at a high risk for tooth decay or when the teeth have especially deep grooves in the teeth, a dental sealant can be applied. These clear coatings help keep food and bacteria from settling in those grooves where brushing and flossing cannot be reach. Dental Sealants are considered less expensive and less invasive than fillings. It can last from one year to five years, but they need to be checked at regular dental check ups to make sure that its not chipped or worn out, whereupon the dental sealant can be reapplied again.

Gentle Dental Treatments for Kids
For many Children, some type of dental treatment becomes necessary. At O’Connor Dental Care, we know that some treatment may not be desirable but we try to focus to be compassionate and gentle in our approach to treating children. We know how important it is to make sure they are comfortable and do not experience dental anxiety. That is why when we treat children, we speak to them in terms they will understand and let them know what we will be doing. That way, their treatment is more effective and less scary.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for your child, give us a call. We are pleased to serve your entire family and to provide you with excellent, personalized dental care. We want to be trusted to be your Toronto Family Dentist for all your dental care needs.

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